The Complete Cyber Security & Hacking Course



The entire ethical hacking & penetration testing training is a comprehensive training course that makes the foundation of ethical hacking. If you would like to get within the cyber security field (that you should), then this is a perfect course for you. It shows you, how to discover vulnerabilities (loopholes or bugs such as coding, errors or configuration mistakes etc.) in any applications and Network frameworks including mobiles, networking devices and etc.

Thank you a great deal for reading most of the description for this course! The way that you have spent some of your exceptionally important time here as of now perusing this course leads me to believe you will appreciate being a student within the course a lot.

Target Audience:

  • Start this online course with any level of knowledge and quickly start advancing your skills as an information technology and security expert anywhere in the world
  • If you are working to advance your career on LinkedIn or as a freelancer online, you can use the skills you build in this course to get a better job and to increase your hourly pay rate
  • If you are hoping to be a better network administrator, you can use this course to learn how to secure networks and protect assets