Serverless Computing on AWS with Lambda, API Gateway, S3 and DynamoDB




Looking to jump into the world of serverless computing on AWS but don’t know where to start? This is the course you need!

Serverless computing is high in demand but it’s hard to find a way to get started with technologies like Lambda, API Gateway, S3 or DynamoDB. The search is over, this course will give you everything you need to get started on developing your own serverless applications on Day 1!

While giving you the fundamentals of each technology that we will cover, we’ll also get hands-on to develop our own serverless ride-hailing application! By the end of the course, you’ll have the starting point for your next projects as well!

What You Will Learn

  • Learn your way around serverless technologies and understand most important serverless offerings from AWS
  • Implement functions with Lambda and learn the ways to create Lambada functions
  • Practical understanding of working with S3 buckets and DynamoDB tables
  • Create APIs on demand with AWS API Gateway
  • Integrate API Gateway with Lambda Function
  • Develop a serverless ride-hailing application using these technologies
  • Amplify for static resource management and Cognito for user management