SAP Cybersecurity – Learn to Earn a 6-digit Salary



Hello SAP Security wannabes, Stop investing your energy in old-school “SAP Security” trainings! Obviously, isolation of obligations and access control are critical however we are in 2016 at this point! All the best consulting organizations now offer SAP Cyber Security services and CISOs from Fortune 2000 organizations need to find out about REAL SAP Security, however hackers will compromise their systems and the way to secure them.

Prior to this course, this data was accessible for a couple of organizations. Presently you can take in it from one of the world-known specialists around there and expand your information in IT or SAP and be a considerably more competitive employee within the market.

I will begin with the historical backdrop of SAP Cyber Security and why and how SAP Cyber security varies from IT Security. Then I will be able to show the most critical risks for organizations. Then we’ll be ready to perceive details of all the SAP Systems like HANA or ABAP and their vulnerabilities. To prove the importance, I will be able to additionally show real attacks on SAP Systems. Finally, we’ll pay the remainder of the time on learning the way to secure SAP Systems from completely different angles from secure coding and SoD to vulnerability management and threat detection.

Target Audience:

  • CISO’s and Security managers
  • IT Security Engineers
  • SAP BASIS Administrators
  • SAP Security engineers
  • Cyber security Consultants / auditors
  • Penetration testers