Introduction: Enterprise Risk Management


All businesses at all levels and operating in every contemporary sector face a multitude of internal and external risks.  Effective risk management therefore plays a pivotally important role in determining which businesses stand the best possible chance of combating and preventing pressing threats, along with those that leave themselves wide open to a world of potentially devastating problems.


This intensive Enterprise Risk Management Course, provides a concise yet comprehensive introduction to one of the most important and sought-after disciplines in the world of contemporary business. As political and economic stability on a global basis continue to waver, the role of the qualified risk management professional is one of growing value and opportunity for those with the required skills. Candidates explore a wide variety of effective and efficient business risk management strategies, along with the various types of risks associated with the modern business and ultimately how to prepare and implement a professional risk management plan.

Audience: All Levels
Delivery Method: Live on-line, On-Demand, In-Person
Duration: 8 Weeks
CPE Credits: 22


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