Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment with Azure




To help and support a team with continuous integration and delivery pipeline that helps to test and deliver software/infrastructure in a quick span of time with the fully integrated build and release pipelines with proper testing.

This the course has been tailor-made for the audience who have no or little prior experience in any DevOps tools will start with the basic what and how Azure DevOps works, fundamental and workflow and then get started with hands-on wherein we will create a repo and push code from local and then create build definition and configure continuous integration, a post that we will configure our release pipelines and deploy our first application or infrastructure leveraging Azure DevOps tasks and pipelines.

In the end, we will touch base on one of the most important aspects and that would be the security of Azure DevOps how permissions and identities are maintained. We hope after completing the course you will have a working knowledge of how azure DevOps works and you will be able to implement CI-CD for your organization as well.

What You Will Learn

  • You will learn how to configure the continuous integration and continuous delivery pipelines
  • Learn how to commit and push code to repo
  • Learn about the fork and clone code
  • You will also learn how to create Azure DevOps Organizations