Attacking MongoDB for Pentesters



MongoDB is growing quicker. Numerous Big organizations are receiving MongoDB as a solution for their storage needs. Viewing the speed of MongoDB’s development, MongoDB security is a conspicuous thing that ought to be talked about. This course walks users through the fundamentals of however common misconfigurations in MongoDB will result in serious problems. It gives hands-on work using the VM gave by the course author.

This mongodb training and certification course is specially designed for absolute beginners. Regardless of whether you never used MongoDB, you can still enroll in that course. It starts with the fundamentals of MongoDB and the way to use it. Gradually it gears towards the security concepts for example, testing & exploiting misconfigurations in MongoDB instances, using automated tools available for testing, pentesting web applications that run MongoDB as their back-end & attacking MongoDB. In one line, “We ensure that you will appreciate this course”.

Target Audience:

  • Pentesters who are new to MongoDB
  • Students who want to improve their skills in the area of MongoDB
  • People who is interested in learning something new
  • This course is completely focused on beginners who wants to learn MongoDB